teaching and acting methods

Teaching methods

With our ingenious concept (language + acting), we offer children of different age groups a win-win situation. In small groups, in a natural and intimate atmosphere, the language (either German or Spanish) and acting classes are held in a creative, motivating way, without pressure. Children who are already familiar with German or Spanish will have the acting lessons integrated into the lessons. The scenic improvisations are partially conducted in the foreign language. This allows the students to benefit doubly.

Language classes

Our language teachers are exclusively native speakers. With age-appropriate methods they use the natural learning ability, the innate, intuitive abilities and the eagerness of the children to achieve a successful learning experience. Through imitation and participation (especially with the younger participants) as well as independent acquisition of the rules and meanings in the language the students make rapid progress. This works especially well when movement and activity are integrated into the classroom and when the lessons are conducted interactively.

Acting classes

Acting classes instructed by professional actors give the children and young people a realistic and authentic peek into the acting world. In many ways acting classes have a positive impact on the development of children and young people. Acting promotes linguistic expressiveness, increases self-confidence and reduces inhibitions. Daily life in schools usually does not provide the time and space needed to teach children how to express themselves in front of people. The joint work on scenic improvisation and camera acting strengthen team spirit and the social behavior of the students. They slip into other roles and improve their linguistic and vocal abilities and expressiveness. This has a positive impact that they will soon feel in everyday life.