about us

We are an experienced team of language teachers, drama teachers and creative people. Our concept offers innovative learning methods. Our instructors are proficient in making lessons lively and attractive, so that students make rapid progress. With verve and insight, with role-play and dialogues, they provide an entertaining classroom experience. Our language training is not rigid frontal instruction with hours spent cramming vocabulary. Our language teachers use efficient, interactive methods. The focus of learning is always communication. And our drama teachers further strengthen the students’ language abilities and expression on an individual basis.

In cooperation with the Berlin Children’s Drama School, our team looks back on years of experience in voice and acting instruction. In addition to the voice and acting lessons, we offer the children and young people a wide range of recreational activities, including sports and creative activities.

Susann Amir-Moazami is the initiator and director of the language and acting summer camp. She has run the Berlin Children’s Drama School since 2004. She also works as a director and casting manager for German television. She has long-term experience in working with children and young people and has directed camera-acting-workshops and courses. Her playful and inquisitive nature and quiet charisma are much appreciated by children and teen-agers.

Naima Doss received a degree in business administration studies and took her interpreter’s exam at the European Business School in Cologne. Since 2003 she has been living with her husband and two daughters in Valencia. There she works as a language teacher for children and young people. Together with Susann Amir she organizes the summer camp and is the contact person for parents in Spain. She knows how to motivate children in a humorous and relaxed way. Students have great confidence in her, thanks to her special talent for empathizing with their ideas and thoughts.

Michael Stobbe completed his training as an actor at the Berlin Theatre School and now works both as an actor in stage plays and in the film and commercial sector. He has been associated with the Berlin Children’s Drama School since 2005. Michael also works as a director and acting coach. His special ability to understand the language and issues of young people makes him a very popular teacher with all students. Thanks to his sophisticated feedback, he is able to strengthen his students’ physical and linguistic expressiveness. He especially enjoys giving camera acting classes.

Jessica Sowerby is an actress/director from Australia, with also many years of experience teaching acting and English to children. After graduating from the Adelaide Centre for the Arts in 2002 her passion for physical theatre grew and lead her to work with theatre companies in Poland, France, Czech Republic and of course Australia. In 2010 she moved to Barcelona in order to study Corporeal Mime at MOVEO. Jessica is constantly working with children and young people, wether it be performing with children’s’ theatre companies in Spain and Australia, or teaching workshops in physical theatre. Children are always attracted to Jessica for her very playful nature, and her desire to have fun

Birgit Würz studied at the Zurich Theatre Academy. She is regularly seen in German TV series, but also at various theaters in Germany. She began working as a drama teacher for children when she joined the Berlin Children’s Drama School in 2006. The acting work with children is a great inspiration for her and provides a good balance to her work in film. All the children and young people are immediately drawn to her. She has already staged several plays with the children.

Katja Amberger works as an actress, speaker and drama teacher. She received her acting training at the Mozarteum in Salzburg. She has participated in many plays for children in Potsdam, through which she developed her interest in working with children. Since 2006 she has been with the Berlin Children’s Drama School, where she runs workshops. The children are enthusiastic about her fresh, energetic and humorous character.

Heike Dietrich has been working as a teacher of children and young people for 12 years. For three of those years she taught at the German School in Moscow and received additional training in the teaching of German as a foreign language. Her passion is classes in the field of performing arts. She has also received an additional qualification in Waldorf education with a focus on language classes. In her work she tries to be very close to the children and to strengthen their confidence and trust.

Carolin Mylord is an actress and director. Since 2007 she has worked successfully as a German teacher at the Catedra Humboldt in Havana. Her direct and lively way of teaching German and integrating her acting experiences into the classroom make her a her a much-appreciated teacher. She knows how to motivate her students in an inspiring way. Her lessons are held in dynamic fashion, with the stutents not confined seats. Learning a language can feel like performing a play: speaking in a forein language is like learnign a part for an audition. But of course, grammar must also be practiced… and then comes the premiere.  

Christian Zanone is a film and stage actor. He successfully completed a classical actor’s training in London and gained much experience as an English and drama teacher in several summer camps (Italy, Poland and Spain). He teaches English and acting lessons in a fun and interactive way. With body work, verbal games and improvisation techniques he brings the students closer to the acting. Christian enjoys working in an international atmosphere. He loves comedy and slapstick.

Yolanda Rubia has been working for many years with children and young people. She loves working as a storyteller and always develops her ideas for the acting classes together with her students. Her special interest and focus of her work with children and adolescents is body work and improvisation. The students are enthusiastic about her spontaneity, curiosity and warmth.

Volker Meyer-Dabisch